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Tweens Meet Up 4-Week Group (10-13 y/o) Begins 9/7/21 & 10/5/21

This virtual group will focus on building coping skills and enhancing peer relations. Tweens will learn skills to identify and express emotions in a supportive environment that fosters new skills building. They will be able to express the challenges they are experiencing and together we will work on problem solving skills that they can apply to their current or future situations. Support can be what we get or what we receive; our group encourages both to occur and will provide the tools to be able to do so. Times: 5:15pm-6:15pm for Sept and in October the times will be 5pm-6pm. Join us for this virtual group, sign up today!

Teen Talk 4-Week Group Begins 9/7/21 & 10/5/21

This virtual group focuses on giving teens ages 14-17 years old, a safe place to talk about their challenges and together we work on problem solving and coping skills. The Group can be a powerful source of support for many people across age groups. One important things we learn is that we are not alone. Times for Sept: 4pm-5pm. Times for October: 3:45pm-4:45pm. 

Pain to Purpose Women's Group Starts TBA

This 10-Week women's group is centered around my book, "Pain to Purpose" and seeks to unite women from various backgrounds (religious, ethnic, socioeconomic) through their common experiences of pain and encourage them to explore and reach towards the visions they have for their lives. So many times life's pains stop us from launching out into the deep because of fear of failure, worries about what others may say or think, or lack of self - confidence. We all could use a supportive sister friend in our corner. You will find that here; join us!

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