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Everyone deserves a safe place to be able to express themselves and speak freely about the life stressors they have experienced. Often times BIPOC individuals have challenges finding that safe and trusted space to be able to do that. Not only do I see you and hear you, I am you. Racial trauma is real and impacts people in different ways. The arena this most often presents itself is in the work place or educational settings but it is not limited to those places. Microaggressions can leave as much as a negative impact as overt and direct racism. The impact can look like physiological responses such as heart palpitations, stomach and gastrointestinal issues, headaches, body aches or difficulty with concentration. It can progress into anxiety, panic, depression symptoms or suicidal ideations. The behaviors may look like frequent call outs, having to talk yourself into getting ready for work or going into the building or counting down every week to get to the days you are off.

You don't have to suffer in silence, there is help for you.

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