Financial Social Work Coaching

Dr. Wall is a Certified Financial Social Worker who is currently offering Individual Coaching and will be expanding the services to include Group FSW Coaching beginning January 4, 2022.

Participants will explore their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and attitudes about money, learn money basics, gain insight into their current financial circumstances, set initial financial goals, and begin their path to financial healing.

  • Are you ready to get your money mindset right by taking an honest look at your finances?

  • Do you duck & dive creditors and rob Peter to pay Paul?

  • Do you know what a FICO score is and what’s yours?

  • Ready to explore how your parent’s beliefs about money have influenced your own?

  • Willing to take steps in your financial healing as you examine the emotional relationship you have with money which has impacted your spending, savings, and earnings?

You can expect a supportive, non-judgmental environment where you are free to learn, explore and GROW. When the exploring may become hard, I’m there to push you to continue and when you hit those milestones I’m there to cheer you on!

One thing I must emphasize is THIS IS NOT THERAPY. The Center for Financial Social Work is an accredited Financial Behavioral Health™ training program for social workers that complements our training and allows us to be able to provide psychoeducation related to financial wellness for others.

It is recommended for each person to make the personal commitment of 12 sessions if doing the individual or group coaching to get the most out of the program.


The investment for individual Financial Social Work Coaching is $200 an hour.

3-Month (12 sessions) x1hour each Group Coaching is $900.

$600 with partial scholarship for Group Coaching. There will be (5) scholarships offered to those who can demonstrate financial hardship AND are committed to engage fully in the program. Please inquire if this may apply to you.


Space is limited so please call to register at 845-551-2832 or send an inquiry through this page once you have decided to take this step in your financial healing. A 25% deposit is required to hold your spot. Deposit is refundable in full up to 30 days prior to start of Group Coaching. After that time 50% of deposit is refundable up to 14 days until start of Group Coaching. After that time the deposit becomes non-refundable. You may request a refund by phone or email


So, if you’re ready to get your Money Mind-set right and take that first step I’ll be there to partner with you!